Levels of editing available are a light edit which primarily encompasses spelling, punctuation, and grammar; and a moderate edit which also includes checking for consistency within the text, suggesting simple alterations for improved readability, and some discussion of higher order issues that impact overall project viability. I do not do heavy copy edit, which is basically ghost writing. I prefer doing a moderate copy edit, as there is always something that needs addressed (two true examples: When did the redhead get ebony tresses? Isn’t that statement about equine genetics the exact opposite of what the author said five pages ago?).

Most of my editing is done electronically, however I can work with hard copy if you prefer. It will cost you additional for printing, copying, shipping, and handling; whereas electronic editing provides more flexibility. You email me the files, I edit and write comments with tracking engaged, I email them back to you. If you don’t know how tracking works, say so – once you learn you will probably use it on your own work.

I work most frequently with Word (.doc and .docx), but can work from .rtf files if you need me to. I have Adobe as well. I also have some specialized software for math projects.

I work best with deadlines and thrive on pressure. Having said that, I also know my limitations and will tell you up front what scheduling constraints affect completion deadlines and will work with you to provide the best possible outcome for you and the product.

I have copyedited monthly newsletters; college textbooks in fields ranging from math and science, to syntax, to welding; computer manuals; fantasy and fiction novels; and even a few speeches. I have had repeat business from the same authors, and while I have sub-contracted primarily with American Book Design (located in Iowa), I have done some outside work with indie authors.

Prices are negotiable and are determined by a fancy rubric that includes number of pages of manuscript, font size, and difficulty of the project. The rubric exists only in my head and appears to be influenced by how much I like the author… though I have yet to find an author I didn’t find interesting.

I look forward to working with you and helping you explore the possibilities you are chasing.


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