Since it is likely that I won’t hear from anyone interested in my services if they don’t know how to contact me, here is my email. Email is the best way to contact me. I check my four email accounts about twenty times a day, if not more.

Business contact email:

And, so you can look at more about me, a link to my fairly new Facebook business page. The FB page mostly has links to hints about grammar and writing information, links to this blog, and a couple of other blog posts. It will likely get more added to it as time goes on.

Link to Facebook Business Page:

My phone number would do you no good, since no one I live with takes good messages and they have taken to screening calls and only answering if it is for them. I work strange hours so there is no telling if anyone would answer the phone.

My last phone message:

“Some lady called, I think her name was Kate or something that started with a C, about something that you were supposed to do tomorrow, but that was yesterday so it would be today. I don’t remember where I put the phone number she gave me.”

The call was from my friend Sue, who wanted to meet me for lunch before we went to crochet club the previous weekend – nearly ten days earlier. I missed lunch.


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