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I know that I am not doing a great job of blogging at least once a week as I resolved to do, but things always happen that make it difficult to get everything I wanted to do in a week done. Usually it is work that is eating up my time, but I haven’t really had a lot of work in the last couple months. Which is just as well…

This last couple of months has been actually about four months long, and extremely hectic and tedious.

My adult stepson’s car is dead, dead, dead – so dead it is now a neat little cube on someone’s scrap metal pile – so he is without transportation other than friends. Actually his friends have stepped up and done right by him so he is not asking me for much by way of ‘taxi service’ which is a relief, but there is the occasional run during bad weather. He at least remembers to say thank you!

My adult but disabled daughter has never had a license due to her seizure disorder never being completely controlled, so I have always been driving her all over creation. More so lately as she has had a lot of appointments – some of which I hope will result in her getting transportation assistance to medical appointments at least. But also more running her around because she is spending a lot of time at her boyfriend’s place, and he also does not have a vehicle. He sometimes will ask for a ride to work if I am over there picking her up anyway (it is only a few blocks the wrong way so not a big deal, though he did quit asking me to run over and drop him somewhere after I had a disagreement with him over issues unrelated to transportation).

My youngest is having some medical issues as well, and is not able to drive at night. That means I have to go pick her up and run her to the ER if she is having a problem at night, but she needs it so there it is.

My husband can’t drive for a few months – he had an unexplained seizure-like episode in October and then continued to have seizures up until he quit smoking in late November. Doctor said “No work, no driving until six months after last seizure” so he is stuck with no driving until the day after his birthday. I have almost always done most of the long distance driving (on visits to relatives or if we are going to anything more than thirty miles away), but now that he is not ALLOWED to drive, he is complaining non-stop about my driving (in town or on the highway) and comes up with at least one errand every day that I need to take him on simply because he is bored out of his skull with sitting around the house. This is on top of the fact that he has had a doctor appointment either here in town or over to the VA hospital clinics in Iowa City (seventy-six miles away) at least twice a week since October. I understand his boredom, but I am tired of his complaints, and am just not used to all this running around.

Under normal conditions I would run my daughter to appointments and out on errands a couple of times a week, and not go out much more than that. All of these errands and appointments and just DRIVING people around is really impacting my time management! I spent nine hours just sitting in my car one day, taking one person after another to one place or another – and that was just one day!


Oh well – with hubby not driving I finally got him to trade in the older van and the pickup he hated driving (big old Ford F250), and got a smaller car with better mileage. Even brand new it has half the payment that the pickup had on it. It is good for now, and when he can start driving again I have him convinced that we can get a much smaller pickup that won’t cost as much and will be more economical (I hope so anyway). This just goes to prove that every dark cloud has a silver lining – you just have to look for it!

Maybe I will be able to post a real blog soon. Something about reading, writing, or publication!


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