Why I Love My Job

I am not sure what I like most about my job as a copy editior – being able to help authors improve the quality of the final product they are writing, or getting to read the book before almost anyone else!

Admittedly, what I read for the edit is not usually what actually ends up on the stands. Since there are always changes suggested in the edit process I rarely get to see the book in its finished form unless I am given a copy or go buy it (which I have been known to do), but all the same it is great to get to follow a book through all the drafts and revisions. Seeing a book go from its beginning stages, and following it through with a final editorial read after the majority of edits have been finished – what an adventure it is!

Still, I think that being able to help an author provide a better book excites me more than anything else. I feel great pride in seeing an author improve – not pride in myself, but rather pride in the author who has worked to learn new skills or build on skills they already have; learned to ask the questions that need answered to get to the heart of the issues they recognize they have or have learned they need to explore; or embraced suggestions that help to improve and expand the writing they are doing.

Ever since I was tutoring writers while I was in high school, through college, and now – I have always enjoyed watching that little light bulb flash into existence in the eye of the student when they recognized something new that would improve their skills and writing. I think that because I know I will always be a student (learn something new every day – it will keep your mind young!), and I will always be a teacher (what better way to remember what you have learned?), I will always love my job!



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5 responses to “Why I Love My Job

  1. as long as my replies are, you would think I like writing as much as reading…

  2. It’s great to hear someone loves their job and doesn’t hate going to it every day. It must be so exciting seeing stories come to life on the pages. Since I started my blog, I have been inspired to write and have a good idea for a book. Maybe one day you’ll get to see all the revisions, I’d love that. Best of luck with everything and keep enjoying reading 🙂

    • Thank you for the good wishes. I have to say that this is the best job I could possibly have! I have enjoyed reading for most of my life – ever since I could pick up a book and decipher the words on the page. I have done many things in my long life; held many jobs, lived many places, and studied many things – but all of the things I have done have led to me being really, really good at what I do now.

      What I will tell you as a potential writer is this: I once thought I wanted to write, but I was too busy enjoying reading and editing others’ work to get it done – so I determined (with very little effort) that writing is not for me. BUT if you want to write, and you NEVER give it a try, you will not find out if it is for YOU!
      I suggest that you jump in give it that try. Make a goal and work towards it. If you have a good idea and haven’t put it in words on paper (or computer pages) yet, then do so. Then share it with other aspiring and published writers by joining a beta reader group or writers group, and work, work, work at improving it. If writing is for you, you will want to keep on it and eventually you will produce a short story, a novella, or a book that fits your goals and is a publishable piece. It takes time, it takes commitment, it takes wanting to write more than anything else. With the advent of eBooks and self-publishing, this becomes even more of a reality – but requires even more work and planning on your part.
      Good luck to you and I look forward to seeing your drafts!

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