Work got in the way of blogging – oops!

How important are blogs to someone who is already working? Actually, for the purpose of generating more work or a larger contact base, the networking that blogging promotes as well as the ability to generate an audience that can see what you can accomplish, is extremely important and useful.

Not to mention the practice that comes from drafting, editing, and then posting the blog you write. If you don’t draft and edit your blogs, and simply post your thoughts as they come to you – much as you would in free-writing – they are still useful in giving you insights and potential starting points for further, more intensive, writing. Many can find the beginnings of an article or a story nested in the blogs they write.

Where do topics for blogs come from? Sometimes from personal conversations or virtual chats, sometimes from your own imagination, sometimes as a method of venting your own frustrations or emotions. Sources of topics for blogs can be as varied as the people that write them are, and depend on the purpose of the blog. They can be structured and set to a plan, or they can flow over time as something that is almost self-directed, or anything in-between.

Me, I am trying to network with others who might or might not be interested in my services as a copy editor, but also I am trying to give solid and useful advice to my target audience: authors. Getting information to authors that will help them produce a better product will make my job as a copy editor a whole lot easier, so it is in my best interest to do so. Not to mention that it is a lot more fun to edit a quality product than one that needs a lot of work. Don’t get me wrong – I love giving solid advice and positive input that can help someone create a better final product – but it is even better to be able to do so while I am enjoying the product itself! Then also, if authors write better, then I can buy books that I want to read for enjoyment, which will be more fulfilling to read.



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