let’s get started!

Well – my first blog here, hope it won’t be my last!

I am here trying to get my face out there into the world and had a hard time finding a photo in which I wasn’t sticking my tongue out at the photographer (usually one of my kids) or where an animal wasn’t more the subject than me (meaning I was filthy dirty from giving a horse a bath or worse, LOL).

I just might have to let someone take some real pictures of me and try for a more professional (and better dressed) me for the images!

I am a copy editor.

I thought I might be a writer, but I found that when I joined a writers group all I wanted to do was check the work everyone one else was writing.

So, bowing to the inevitable I have accepted that I am a reader not a writer, and since I am happier reading than any other time that is fine with me. Heck, I read for work all day, and when I knock off I pick up a book to read, Drives the hubby a little nuts but he knows that is what I do.

Wish me luck – I want to get some more business in the world of fiction since most of my copy editing has been college textbooks and free edits for new writers of fantasy and sci-fi novels, one of whom insisted on paying me for my work and that got me started thinking…


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